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BACHELOR Parties in Chicago Illinois

Rules, Tips and Suggestions for House, Hotel, VFW Hall, & Bar Parties

QUESTION: Why Should I Book a Chicago Female Stripper with Venus Entertainment®?

Venus Entertainment™ is a Licensed and LEGAL Adult Entertainment Agency in the State of Illinois. Our corporation name is "KAWON PRODUCTIONS CORP." - d.b.a. VENUS ENTERTAINMENT™. We have a business license in the state of Illinois and have several Illinois State and Federal Trademarks, including "Venus Entertainment™". Our agency is the only Company in Chicago with very rigid requirement for dancers, drivers and security staff thus ensuring our customers the highest level of service and satisfaction.
Be forewarned that there are at least 4 websites posing as legitimate Entertainment agencies in the Chicagoland area, when in fact, they are COMPLETE FRAUDS. Just because you see a website with pictures doesn't mean that the entity is a Legal Bachelor Party Entertainment Agency in Chicago Illinois. Venus Entertainment™ is currently pending Litigation against these Fraudulent and Illegal Agencies for:

Be a Smart Shopper, Make sure the agency you are booking with has a:

  1. Corporation Name.
  2. Illinois State Business License
  3. Federal Tax Id Number.
  4. D.B.A. - "Doing Business As" name.
  5. Mailing Address.
  6. Legitimate land line (not cell phone)
  7. Legitimate E-mail Address(some don't list ANY contact/mailing info other than a phone#)

If you see a Phone Number(usually a cell phone) and an E-mail address ONLY(usually an untraceable "hotmail" account) - RED FLAG!!!!!

Don't be fooled by a Website with 30+ modeling pictures Stating to be the #1 Agency 3 years in a row and Boasting to have the Largest Selection of Female Strippers, Exotic Dancers anywhere - this is a perfect example of a Fraudulent Website/Agency.

CONSUMER ALERT - Jan. 4th, 2010

"Live Eye Candy" is an example of a bogus website. This site contains stolen and old pictures of dancers that either no longer dance, or dancers that work for 10 websites, guaranteeing you that you will NOT get your requested dancer! This website is Very Unprofessional as can be seen from the low quality website design. In addition, they DO NOT have a full time phone staff - You MUST leave a message and then WAIT for someone to call you back from a CELL PHONE as they do NOT have a business land line because there is no legitimate office. When you call the website phone number, you are calling an apartment of a former dancer! BUYER BEWARE!

"Nite Cap Girls/Entertainment" is a great example of a FLY-BY-THE-NIGHT website!

This website just APPEARED - meaning that it is NOT an established agency. You have no idea who will be showing up to your party, IF anyone ACTUALLY shows up! Ordering entertainment from this website is playing Russian-Roulette with your Bachelor party! As can be seen, the number of girls posted is VERY low and the site design is SUPER LOW BUDGET!

The website lists ONLY a phone number(most likely a cellular, not land line) and an e-mail address as contact information, meaning that the website is being operated in someone's basement!


"BABES N TOYLAND" is a Great Example of TOTAL FRAUD!

This website has also JUST appeared, meaning that it is NOT an established agency. ALL of the pictures of the dancers/babes are FAKE and STOLEN from modeling, porn and other stripper web sites. You cannot click and see more pictures of the girls because they DON'T have any more pictures of the girls then what they stole.

Similar to Nite Cap Girls, this website ONLY lists a phone number(most likely a cellular, not land line) and e-mail address as contact information because they DO NOT have a legitimate office!


"Delicious Strippers" is another BOGUS website!
This website was recently created by two, 20 year old strippers named TINA & KITTY. This website is NOT a legitimate Adult entertainment agency. This means that you don't have the safe-guards of a legitimate corporation that has protocols for interviewing, hiring and training dancers and that has actual requirements for professionalism, timeliness and entertainment value, in addition to a guarantee that your strippers willl show up to your party - not leaving you and your guests stranded without entertainment.

When you call the phone number on the website, you will be talking to TINA, KITTY or BAMB BAMB's CELL phone.

The only real dancers on this website are "TINA", "KITTY" and "BAMB BAMB". EVERY other picture on these website is FAKE - that's right - "Amber", "Nadia", "Tori", "Sugar", "Nikki", "Candy", "Kim" and "Honey" are FAKE, stolen modeling pictures. These girls don't exist as Strippers available for your bachelor party in Chicago, but instead they are the illusion used to trick YOU, the customer, into thinking that this is how many girls are available, when in reality, only 3 girls are potentially available.
In addition, TINA & KITTY's pictures can be found on 4 other chicago stripper websites - feel free to browse around a bit when shopping around other websites.
BAMB BAMB is a PLUS SIZE girl that should not be in the adult entertainment business, other than maybe as a novelty "FAT STRIPPER" act.

As the amount of INTERNET FRAUD increases, we at Venus Entertainment® will always provide Consumer Alerts for your Information and Protection as we are 100% committed to making your parties a Tremendous Success!

QUESTION: Do We Have to TIP During the Female Strip Show?

ABSOLUTELY!  Stripping is a tipping business! The more you tip, the better AND longer the show!  Please tell your guests that you will be having a stripper(s) and to bring lots of money.  Our female strippers offer many extras during the show such as lap dances, whip cream shots, nude polaroid pictures, shower shows, feed the kitty as well as many other creative tricks that are unique to the entertainer.  All of these extra's cost money, so if your guests don't come prepared with lots of cash, then they won't be able to take full advantage of the show offerings! We recommend that each guest bring a minimum of $50 to spend! Tipping the stripper a little extra up front is also highly recommended since the stripper won't worry so much during the show to try to "hustle" the guys for tips. Tipping throughout the show is also highly recommended - remember to take care of your entertainers well, and they will take care of you! Tipping the strippers' driver $10 or $20 is also encouraged since these guys work hard too to ensure that the shows are setup properly and that everything runs smoothly!

QUESTION: Do We Have to PARTICIPATE in the Strip Show?

No, there are plenty of men that prefer to just watch the show, but our recommendation to everyone at the party is to try to get involved because the show will last longer and be more enjoyable for all.  So take out those $5's, $10's, & $20's out of your wallets and have a great time! Buy your buddy a lap dance, whip cream shot, nude polaroid, feed the kitty and/or whatever else the stripper offers! Don't forget to treat yourself to the party offerings as well!

QUESTION: Can We Take PICTURES During the Female Strip Show?

STILL PHOTOGRAPHY IS STRICTLY PROHIBITED! This includes, but is not limited to, digital cameras and cell phone cameras!

QUESTION: Can We VIDEO RECORD the Female Strip Show?

VIDEO RECORDING IS STRICTLY PROHIBITED!  This includes, but is not limited to,  DVD recorders and video cameras!

QUESTION: Can We SPANK the Strippers ASS?

Spanking the strippers' is NOT ALLOWED! Physical and verbal abuse are not tolerated at shows and our strippers will leave immediately anytime someone violates this policy!

QUESTION: Do the Chicago Exotic Dancers Bring MUSIC?

Our strippers arrive to the party FULLY prepared and dressed appropriately.  They bring music, props, lotions, a polaroid camera as well as other unique props. The strippers' drivers help expedite the setup of the props before the show begins!

QUESTION: Do the Female Strippers NEED ANYTHING From the Host?

They need one folding chair or a chair with no arm-rests!  They also need adequate space to perform in.  If you are having the the party at a house - please make sure that coffee tables and boxes are pushed aside and out of the way.  Please make sure that there is enough seating for everyone at the party and that the area where your stripper(s) will be performing is clean. Strippers also greatly appreciate hosts' that treat them to a drink of water or diet pop since they do get quite thirsty.

QUESTION: Can i Book my Female Dancers & Topless Waitresses Online?

Absolutely, Venus Entertainment has a Convenient Online Booking form. Our Online booking form has TWO layers of the Latest AND most Advanced Encryption Software available(most secure forms have Only 1 layer of Encrytion). Your Personal information is Kept STRICTLY confidential and is NOT sold to third parties!

You can access our Female Dancers Booking form HERE

IF OUR DANCER(S) LEAVE YOUR PARTY BECAUSE OF VIOLATIONS OF OUR COMPANY POLICIES, THE RESULT IS A FORFEIT OF ANY DEPOSIT AND NO REFUND! Please adhere to our polices, respect our dancers and be responsible for any mis-behaving guests!

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